Daniel Zhukovin

"So, why make a company as a side project? Why not just invest in crypto or stocks for money? What is this company about? What gives you license to believe you can do this sort of a company to any extent?"

So, when you're just starting out with your own company, no one knows who the hell you are, even though they might have your name and some information on you. You don't really have much friends, and no one really cares about your project that you obsess over. You might inappropriately inject into normal conversations with people at inopportune times, you end up having to ask yourself these questions because no one gives enough of a crap to interview you. 'Tis life.

I made Corrective Technical because I have a wide variety of interests. Very often, I get a rush of ideas, or come up with an idea I am really passionate about, and want to develop. Not too long ago when I was doing my IRS paperwork for the company, I figured if I would get paid to indulge in my personal interests and screw around, I could have a great time with it, and also have enough income to funnel money and attention to causes I feel strongly about.

I have a big passion for Mathematics, art, technology, writing, science, philosophy, video games, music , film and more. So the Corrective Technical sole proprietorship is my way of venting my immense urges to create in those subjects. I could take the right amount of money I make off those interests and help with deficiencies in the U.S. economy, along with U.S. human rights, child disease, the environment, animal rights, public health, etc. . I already know that the cosmopolitan focus of trying to bring up the whole world is too far-reaching to be anything but ludicrous and stupid, so I keep things practical by dedicating this company, in my life and beyond, to the service of our country along with its people. One day when I have children, I would want them to continue in cooperation with that effort.

I don't put my work out there to flex, and I don't think I'm smarter or cooler than anyone (Though your grandma thinks I'm a total stud in bed. Zing!). I just know what I love, and I crave to do it immensely. I am intensely competitive, and I am heavily interested in living my purpose in life.

That's why I started this company. Full stop.